Michelle Moorer
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Michelle A. Moorer

Michelle A. Moorer

Michelle A. Moorer
MBA, Speaker, Author & Mentor

Michelle A. Moorer is an Author, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker and Prevention Educator to victims of abuse, especially girls becoming young ladies. Part of her work in the community includes mentoring children at the Boys and Girls club, District 54 Nerge Elementary School American Reads Program and abused woman at Guardian Angel Home Community Services.  In addition to assisting with different work-study programs at various schools. Working with these youth and abused and single mothers has compelled her to continue to speak and motivate individuals on "nurturing their soul in order to have a full filled and healthier life."

The oldest girl of seven children, Michelle grew up in a house full of siblings with different personalities, which was very demanding and challenging at times. Michelle grew up in an impoverished home in which both parents had minimal education. She had to become responsible at an early age to care for her siblings due to her parent’s addictive and abusive behaviors that included drugs, alcohol and gambling. Having very little exposure to positive role models led Michelle to become a parent herself, at a very early age to a son and a couple years later a daughter.

She has worn many hats while pushing through the eyes of adversity. She teaches that whatever hat is worn determines the mood of the day, which can either be good or bad, depending on how one perceives it. Her life is an open book and she offers real-life stories to the audience in order to give them a sense of awareness, guidance, hope, faith, encouragement and wisdom to continue to nurture their plant.

Prior to finding her niche as a speaker in 2008, Michelle served in various areas in the healthcare and finance industry — careers in which she always felt there was something missing. Just a couple of years ago, she leaped out on faith and relocated her family from Michigan to Illinois seeking growth and opportunities. She received her MBA in 2007— no easy achievement for a single mother of two. Michelle’s life and words will inspire every person who strives for a better future: “Always believe in yourself! And never give up!”

"You are a courageous person to have endured so much pain and to persevere through the challenges in life. I commend you because you remained faithful and God brought you out of the storm.

Thanks for sharing this with the world! Your book will change so many lives..."

- Mary Ann

Michelle Moorer's newest book, "Silent Teardrops" is coming soon. Click HERE for details.

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